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Detlev Henschel

Project 2014:     »Into the void«

Australian Magpie (Flötenvogel)

Wombat - filmed Cradle Mountain NP Tasmania

Australia is not just a country with the happiest beer drinkers in the world, but also a huge continent.
In our last two Australia-projects: Expedition 2006 and Expedition 2009 we could not find, search and visit everything we were looking for of course. This time we check on uncharted spots on our personal map in order to fill the blanks for our intended new book/film.
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Africa off the road


Four-by-four-, gun- and hiking-stories from Namibia's boondocks

Detlev spent many years living and working as a tour guide and safari operator in Namibia. Namibia – dust, stars and tranquillity; Namibia – part old, mystical Africa, part modern world, merged together yet distinctly separate. Along with his friend and total outdoor rookie Stefan and two Mountain Damara, Collin !Uiseb and Jonny B Good (‘Brandberg Bushmen’), whom they befriend, they set off on a trekking expedition on the Brandberg, an isolated, 600-square-kilometre massif at the heart of the oldest desert in the world, the Namib. On this safari to the mountain off the beaten track, they re-live tales of a bygone era. ... read more ...



Project 2013: "OLALA"

Angel Shark - Engelhai
North Atlantic Ocean, on the coast of Fuerteventura (Jandia).

Gone surfing ;-)

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